Broun Doubles Down on Lies at Hall County GOP Debate

Doug Collins was the clear winner of the Hall County GOP Debate, the first of several debates he will be attending this election.

While Paul Broun spent his allotted time making excuses for bankrupting his office and the illegal use of official funds, Doug laid out his plans to combat ISIS, fix our broken Social Security system, and protect the lives of the unborn.

When former Congressman Broun lied again about not voting for an Omnibus bill, Doug spoke the truth, saying:

“Paul, I’m fed up too. You know what I’m fed up with? Politicians not being truthful. In 2007, Nancy Pelosi’s first year, you and John Boehner both voted for the Omnibus bill."

Desperate career politician Broun continued to lie to the audience about the misuse of his office funds, even after the moderators pushed the issue, asking, “I’m confused…because the money did not come from your budget, your funds were depleted, so there had to have been an infusion of funds at some point.”

The 9th Congressional District deserves a Congressman with solutions, not a former congressman surrounded by lies and criminal implications. While Paul Broun delivered the typical lies of typical career politicians, Doug Collins continued to demonstrate his leadership and fitness to serve.

You can view the whole debate on FetchYourNews' YouTube channel. Here's one of the debate highlights:

Paul Broun is not being truthful

I'm fed up with career politicians not being truthful, and I told them so in today's Hall County GOP Debate. #GaPol #GaGOP #Ga09

Posted by Doug Collins on Saturday, April 9, 2016