Critical Fundraising Deadline TONIGHT

We're approaching a fundraising deadline tonight at midnight, and we need your help.

I'm facing a challenger from outside our district - a career politician who is running despite a pending Department of Justice investigation into his illegal misuse of tax dollars to finance his failed campaign for Senate in 2014. You can't make this stuff up!

Former Congressman Paul Broun lives outside our district, but thinks his easiest way back into political office is over here in the 9th. He is mistaken.

Former Congressman Broun is attacking me with misleading radio ads while touting the endorsements of out-of-state special interest groups. I need your help to fight back. Your contribution of $50, $250, or $500 will go a long way to help ensure we have a strong operation in place to defend commonsense conservatism.


I ask you to stand with me and make sure former Congressman Paul Broun never again has access to abuse tax dollars, especially our's here in GA-9.

In Service,