I Endorse Chris Gaines


I strongly encourage Dawson County to vote for Chris Gaines for County Commissioner District 2 on November 8.




As a former small-business owner, I know firsthand that the skills and knowledge gained from running a business prepare a person for a job in public service. Managing a complex budget, cutting weekly paychecks for men and women to support their families, and turning in paperwork on time all instill values of responsibility, compassion, and fiscal conservatism. I know that my friend Chris Gaines shares these conservative values and will bring this knowledge to the County Commissioner's seat in District 2. For this reason, I endorse his candidacy in the November 8 election.

Already on the campaign trail, Chris has shown his willingness and ability to serve. Being from Dawson County, he knows not only the details of the issues, but also how the issues will impact the everyday life of  a Dawson County resident. From creating smart growth around the 400 corridor, to improving internet connectivity throughout the county, Chris has a long term plan to keep Dawson County one of the greatest places to live, work, and play.

However, Chris knows that there are others in the community with bright ideas and real solutions. He has surrounded himself with a team of local citizen leaders to help identify potential trouble spots and find creative solutions. He has spent thousands of hours in the community volunteering for local businesses, charities, and community organizations. He knows the needs of this county inside and out because he has made it a priority to listen to the people and work with them to move the county forward.

I strongly encourage you and your family to vote for Chris Gaines on November 8. Dawson County will benefit from a Republican businessman who is accessible, hard-working, and passionate about the community in which he lives. Your vote will do more than help elect this upstanding young man; your vote will be an investment in the future of Dawson County.