I Endorse Sheriff Janis Mangum


"I endorse Sheriff Janis Mangum and encourage you and your family to vote for her on November 8."

As the son of a Georgia State Trooper, I grew up seeing how important law enforcement was to a community. When I think about the value of our Sheriff’s department, it’s not just about the law and order they maintain; it’s the role they play in everyday life, serving the public in every way possible. There is no person who lives up to this description better than my friend Janis Mangum. For this reason, I strongly endorse Janis for Jackson County Sheriff, so she can continue serving this community and making every single day better than the one before it.

This strong ethic - both in morality and work - did not develop overnight. Janis has been fine-tuning her skills at the Jackson County Sheriff’s office for over 24 years. She started working as a radio operator, attended the Police Academy, and was quickly promoted to Deputy Sheriff. Her service took her to different departments where she learned best practices from different people and different leadership styles, but one thing remained the same: Janis could always be counted on to put people first, and do all she could to ensure their safety and protection. I’ve seen this first hand as I’ve worked alongside her serving this district.


Janis believes in leading by example. She treats everyone with respect and dignity, but makes it clear; if you break the law there will be consequences. Whether she is working to boost morale in the department, or she is holding burglars and drug dealers responsible for their actions, you know what you’re getting with Janis. No one is exempt from the law, and all - from the Sheriff to your everyday citizen - are held to a high standard of excellence.

As a member of Congress, I serve on the Police-Community Relations Working Group. In light of recent tragic events, this group is assembled to try to find best practices to build relationships between communities and the officers that protect them. I’m proud to know that many of these best practices I share will come from Sheriff Janis Mangum. I am grateful to have a partner in public service like her. I know that the people of Jackson County are safer because of her leadership. Don’t just trust my word, trust the numbers. Crime is down, and those who do commit crimes are being held accountable. For all of these reasons, I endorse Sheriff Janis Mangum and encourage you and your family to vote for her on November 8.