With a national unemployment rate of 5 percent and a national debt of over 19 Trillion dollars, one thing is for sure: our economy is in trouble.

Heavier taxes and regulations are not the solution. What the federal government needs to do is stop wastefully spending taxpayer dollars. Plain and simple, we cannot afford to spend money that we do not have.

I believe that in order to get our fiscal house in order, we must do the following:

  • Pass a responsible, balanced budget that promotes job growth and discourages taxation
  • Negotiate sound trade deals to create more opportunity and high-paying jobs for Americans
  • Create a business environment that promotes entrepreneurialism and ingenuity
  • Slash regulations being imposed by the EPA, IRS, and other federal agencies

To accomplish the above goals, House Republicans have passed dozens of bills aimed at empowering small business owners, cutting back regulatory burdens, encouraging entrepreneurship, increasing competitiveness for American manufacturers, and paying down America's unsustainable debt burden. 

As your congressman, I promise to continue fighting to advance policies that address the root of the problems facing our economy, promote innovation and investment, and help local job creators without raising taxes on working Americans and small businesses.