Let's resume the fight


I want you to be the first to know Doug Collins qualified to be the 9th District Congressman this morning.

Even though the bar to qualify for office is fairly low (you don’t even have to live in the district!), Team Collins believes the bar is set much higher when determining who is best qualified to serve the 9th Congressional District.

From holding Windstream’s feet to the fire, to interrogating Planned Parenthood after heinous videos were made public, Doug has remained an honest representative who fights for his district’s interests and values.

We’ve only got a few short months to bring Doug’s message to each corner of the district, and we need your help!

If you’d like to post a yard sign or bumper sticker, or join us as we make phone calls to voters in your neighborhood, sign up here. We’re excited to have you on Team Collins!

We are the 9th!