Second Amendment

Throughout my time as an elected official in Congress I have been a witness to the Obama Administration proving time and time again that it does not value the Second Amendment.

As a member of the United States Military stationed overseas, I have carried a firearm in defense of our national security. Here at home, I carry a firearm for self-defense and when I'm hunting with my boys.

In Congress, I've worked hard to be a faithful defender of and advocate for Georgians’ firearm freedoms. I sponsored H.R. 2277, which would scrap the “sporting purpose” regulation in gun sales, successfully led the fight to stop the the ATF’s planned ban on common ammunition, and fought to oppose Obama’s unconstitutional executive actions.

I will continue to explore options to protect our Second Amendment rights and stop the President from by-passing Congress and undermining our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms, and I am proud to have received a 100% rating and endorsement from the National Rifle Association for the work I've already done. 

I believe our Founding Fathers got it right the first time. The constitutional right to bear arms is a core principle of this nation. I have and will continue to oppose any federal legislation or regulation that inhibits or attacks this freedom.