Innovation, hard work, and the ability to pass on a better life to the next generation is the life blood of the American Dream, and it is one characteristic that is rooted in the passion of Ninth District residents.

We should not have a tax code that is so complex families have to take time out of their lives just to file a tax return. For this reason, I am a proud co-sponsor and advocate of the Fair Tax Act. We cannot continue to allow the IRS to limit the growth and prosperity of the middle class through the ability to tax.

The ability to take an idea and mold it into a business is vital to our economy, and it is one of the many things that make this country great. As a former small business owner, I understand the burden the tax code has on businesses from the largest corporations to the smallest family-run business. This is the reason I supported the PATH Act, which extended over 20 tax credits with the goal of providing a greater financial security for all families and businesses, and it was signed into law after it passed.

It is incumbent upon our lawmakers to promote growth and opportunity. I will continue to fight for the interests of the Ninth District, and I will work to ensure success is not hindered by an egregious tax code put forth by Washington bureaucrats.